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Shaun Friedman: a producer and composer who exudes heart and feeling

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haun Friedman is the original music composer at UnbelievableBeats.com.  He has sold his original beats and instrumentals directly to artists and companies around the world and is also signed to publishing agreements with Free Play Music in NYC, Prolific Arts in Dallas, and Smashtrax Music in California.  His instrumental work recently placed on The Doug Gottlieb Show [CBS], Inside College Football [CBS], This Week in SEC Football [CBS], True Life [MTV], &  Aussie BBQ Heroes.  He excels at original music, remixes, tutorials, and thinking outside the box.  He is also the author of “FL Studio Cookbook,” which are recipes and techniques being published by Packt Publishing, along with his insights on each topic.  He became certified in Pro Tools audio engineering software as an operator in music and post production.  The class was a 3 month training session in Dallas, where Shaun learned the program Reason, learned how to mix and EQ professionally, recorded live bands, and learned from instructor James Creer, who is an audio and midi expert who started as an intern in Bobby Brown’s studio in the 1980s.  In order to become a Sales Engineer at Sweetwater Sound, Shaun attended Sweetwater University. There he learned about microphones, speakers, live sound systems, DAWs, the newest keyboards, pianos, guitars, drum machines, DJ gear, computer software, Apple accessories for all multimedia devices, audio interfaces, and as much audio knowledge as you could possibly handle.

Learning the Piano at an early age and using the Casio SK-8

Music was already a huge part of Shaun’s life at age 6. His father composed jazz piano and jingles for commercials and bestowed him the Casio SK-8! At 6 years old, Shaun began sequencing, sampling, and overdubbing. He learned how to play classic songs from the ROM Pack on the SK-8.

Composing in the Analog Studio!

From 1991 till 2004, Shaun composed in his father’s analog studio. This consisted of Digital Performer on a very old Macintosh, Korg and Kurzweil keyboards, Korg and Proteus sound modules, Lexicon effect processors, and Reel to Reel tape recording. It was very beneficial that Shaun learned the Analog way of composing because it helped him play keyboards.

Gemini Minded! 52 Beats and Instrumentals

2004 was a breakthrough for Shaun. It was his last semester at Ohio State University and he stumbled upon the program FL Studio. He “locked himself” in Captain Bly’s computer room for a couple weeks and deciphered the program. It was extremely beneficial because it got the ideas from his head into tangible form very quickly! The Gemini Minded disc was a collection of new beats made on FL Studio and the old beats made in his dad’s Analog Studio.

2005: His own apartment studio

Shaun moved into the Hampton’s in Beachwood, Ohio in 2005. Here he created a mix of the Analog and Digital worlds. His equipment consisted of the Roland Fantom X-8, FL Studio, Creative X-Fi soundcard, Stanton Turntable, Rode NT1A microphone, and the Roland Handsonic. He had already created hundreds of beats in his father’s studio as well as productions with FL Studio. He could not stand the fact that these beats were simply “collecting dust” in his closet. Which leads to…

2006: The launch of UnbelievableBeats.com!

Shaun launches UnbelievableBeats.com for the sole purpose to give away his free beats. He simply wanted to share his passion with the world. He offers 110 free beats and the site catapults to the top of MSN, Google, and Yahoo search engines. The guestbook had great response which fueled his fire even more. The guestbook comments were extremely rewarding because people from around the world gave him positive feedback.

December of 2008: Space/Time Continuum Full Album

Shaun releases his first real album with Lyrics in 2008. The album focuses on dreams, peer pressure, relationships, life, death, and the circle of time.

2009: Dallas, Texas: Pro Tools Certified!

Shaun attends a Pro Tools training Class in Dallas, Texas. He learns a plethora of information on recording and music production and becomes certified as an operator in Music and Post Production. Although he mostly uses FL Studio, the class also taught him about the program called Reason. This was a huge breakthrough because Reason can be used inside of FL Studio and the creative possibilities are boundless!

2010: Phoenix, Arizona and Global Heat Wave!

In the summer of 2010, Shaun traveled to Chandler, Arizona to work at 480 Studios as an engineer. He worked with Pro Tools; the program he learned in Dallas, Texas. He also launched the website, GlobalHeatWave, which offers free lifetime access to 20,000 wave audio samples. Phoenix brought the heat and the wave samples are scorchin’ hot as well!

2011: Learning Music publishing and intellectual Property

In 2011, Shaun took it upon himself to learn the ins and outs of the music publishing business. He is well versed in copyrights, performance rights, songwriting, music publishing, entertainment law, and royalties.

July 2011: Sweetwater Sound in Fort Wayne, Indiana!

Shaun accepts a job at Sweetwater Sound. He graduated from Sweetwater University where he learned even more about pro audio, electronics, instruments, customer service, and business.

2012 & 2013: Signed music composer!

Shaun becomes a signed music composer to publishing agreements with Free Play Music in NYC, Prolific Arts in Dallas, and Smashtrax Music in California. He also earns royalties from Italy where his music is played in retail stores and businesses. He learns even more about music publishing because of the agreements he reviews and accepts. He understands that his niche is urban hip hop beats and instrumentals.

2013: FL Studio Training and Packt Publishing!

In 2013, Shaun launches the website FL Studio Training to teach face to face lessons in Cleveland and worldwide via Google Hangouts video chat. In November of 2013, he accepts an agreement to become a signed author with Packt Publishing. He will be writing a book called “FL Studio Cookbook.”

2014 and Beyond

As you can see, Shaun’s main focus is passion, creating, and teaching. He hopes he can impact the lives of others with the FL Studio Cookbook. His instrumental work was recently placed on The Doug Gottlieb Show [CBS], Inside College Football [CBS], This Week in SEC Football [CBS], True Life [MTV], Aussie BBQ Heroes.

FL Studio Cookbook

Superb instructions on producing



Let it Be (remix with vocals) // Paul McCartney, Shaun Friedman
  1. Let it Be (remix with vocals) // Paul McCartney, Shaun Friedman
  2. Jack & Diane (remix instrumental) // Shaun Friedman
  3. Jungle Mainger (original) // Shaun Friedman
  4. Crack a Skull (original) // Shaun Friedman