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Pricing and Topics:

How Lessons work and frequently asked questions

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Hourly Rate: $50.00 per hour is Shaun’s rate for streaming lessons online or face to face in Cleveland.  Alternatively, the FL Studio Cookbook has everything you need to learn, and is available in hard copy or Kindle E-book.

Please have a list of questions ready to go if you participate in streaming or face to face lessons.  Shaun will request a Paypal payment in order to show you are serious about learning.

Lessons will take place via Google Hangouts webcast anywhere in the world or face to face in Cleveland, Ohio.  You may also buy the FL Studio Cookbook from Packt Publishing.

Lessons are based on your individual skill level.  We can go over the basics or get as deep as we need to.  Besides learning FL Studio as we go along, there may be questions on signal flow, setting up microphones, speakers, and computer settings.  Shaun will walk you through all of this.  So, lessons are based on what you want to learn.

Some of the most popular topics are identical to the FL Studio Cookbook:

  1. Configuring FL Studio and Computer Requirements, Setting up your factory soundcard or a new audio interface, and installing virtual instruments and effects.
  2. How to use the Browser
  3. Working with the step sequencer – and tips and tricks inside it
  4. Building your song and adding virtual instruments/multi-tracking
  5. Using the Playlist
  6. Using the mixer, adding effects, recording external audio (microphone, guitar, MPC, keyboard, etc)
  7. Sampling using Edison, and time stretching any sample or acapella to any tempo
  8. Exporting your Project, tracked out .wav files, mp3, etc.
  9. How to Humanize your song
  10. Recording Automation
  11. How to Rewire Reason into FL Studio
  12. Your rights as a composer, royalties, music publishing, and the law

Quick Blurb: Shaun Friedman is the original music composer at UnbelievableBeats.com.  He has sold his original beats and instrumentals directly to artists and companies around the world and is also signed to publishing agreements with Free Play Music in NYC, Prolific Arts in Dallas, and Smashtrax Music in California. His instrumental work was recently placed on The Doug Gottlieb Show [CBS], Inside College Football [CBS], This Week in SEC Football [CBS], True Life [MTV], Aussie BBQ Heroes. He excels at original music, remixes, tutorials, and thinking outside the box.  He is the author of “FL Studio Cookbook,” which are recipes and techniques for FL Studio being published by Packt Publishing, along with his insights on each topic.  He became certified in Pro Tools audio engineering software as an operator in music and post production.  The class was a 3 month training session in Dallas, where Shaun learned the program Reason, learned how to mix and EQ professionally, recorded live bands, and learned from instructor James Creer, who is an audio and midi expert who started as an intern in Bobby Brown’s studio in the 1980s.  In order to become a Sales Engineer at Sweetwater Sound, Shaun attended Sweetwater University. There he learned about microphones, speakers, live sound systems, DAWs, the newest keyboards, pianos, guitars, drum machines, DJ gear, computer software, Apple accessories for all multimedia devices, audio interfaces, and as much audio knowledge as you could possibly handle.  He also offers 20,000 free wave samples at his website GlobalHeatWave.com.

Let it Be (remix with vocals) // Paul McCartney, Shaun Friedman
  1. Let it Be (remix with vocals) // Paul McCartney, Shaun Friedman
  2. Jack & Diane (remix instrumental) // Shaun Friedman
  3. Jungle Mainger (original) // Shaun Friedman
  4. Crack a Skull (original) // Shaun Friedman